eath wisdom foundation bavado

All Native American ceremonies are given free of charge. All teachings you receive free of charge are with the understanding that they will be shared in this way. When there is a charge for ceremony, its not really ceremony anymore, but business. When people are taught ceremonies and then make them into busines, the spirits are not likely to honor that and show up (of course they have their own ways and all circumstances are different). A ceremony without ancrestors and spirits is an empty ritual. You can feel it for yourself. Don’t get tricked into agreeing that something was magical when it wasn’t.
The heart is the most important thing we bring to ceremony. Let it be as pure as possible. Let’s honor our teachings and the ancestors that carefully passed on their wisdom.
The teaching that I have and teachings from any Native Americans from US and Canada is that ceremony is never charged for. Let is be careful and do our best to stay close to the Earth and close to the heart. Not just in words but deeds.
The teachings about giving and honoring teachers is a good teaching. In the days before money teachers and healers received many gifts. But the significance and value of the gift is determined by the giver and is a part of the givers experience. There is a correlation between giving and receiving. Giving is a great blessing and honor, as well as receiving. There are also expenses and for big ceremonies money must be raised. Many ceremonies are expensive as wood for fires, tobacco atc can be very expensive. …but that is different. Part of our growth and experience is to make sure our elders are taken care of. Some people have prayers, some have money, some have other gifts. Some don’t have anything and just need help. We are one body with many parts that work together. The parts with or without money should be included and treated with the same love and participation.
Money has only been in use for a few hundred years here in our area of the world. The elders that I respect the most and who I believe have the most true teachings are humble people who have other work for money. Its hard to balance in our world where almost everything costs money.