Vision Quest in magical Rock Creek Park.   Half day one Saturday soon before Sept 5, 2015 ~email me!

Oct 9-12, No charge, sun up to sun down. + MORE DATES!!

I plan to take people out all throughout the year for short 5 hour (plus ceremony) vision quests and perhaps 3 hours when it gets cold. If you are interested in doing this, email me. I am always interested in taking people into the forest! OR


Perhaps we will have a fire keeper who will be available who people can go to if they need something. It may just be you and me and perhaps just me!

We live in a very ancient and scared area where the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers meet. Down river from the Great Falls and Island of Roosevelt.  Rock Creek Park once was a prehistoric Rose Quartz Quarry & 10,000 year old burials have been found here.  DC is one one of the great world estuaries, The Chesapeake Bay.

It has a cliff, Pulpit Rock, that has been used for millennia , ancient earth works like Fort Derussy. Its a magical place!

We dont eat,drink, talk to anyone, do anything or have any electronics, books, watches or work projects! We each chose an area to be our own spot and we see no one during the fast. Its just you alone in the woods. Even though its called a fast, it has nothing to do with dieting or health.

If you have some kind of health constraints that requires you to eat or drink, we work with that. Its not about depriving yourself but is an effective way to connect with spirit. All are welcome.

Its a time to connect with nature, your inner spirit, pray, relax, think or just sit. There is no format to what you will do, no set prayers. If you bring an intention you can pray with that over the course of the fast.

Spending time alone in nature with the ceremonial help of the directions, the nature spirits, the ancestors etc really make this into a real unique experience.

This is a modern fast that will just during the day.  Our first fast was 5 hours alone with ceremonies before and after. It was magical. Rock Creek Park has some fairly dense woods where you can be alone for the whole day. I will be in a certain location where you can find me if you should chose to end your fast early.

I have only fasted camping in tents and one day when we had nice weather. I am doing rain, shine, cold, wind etc.  I think we will need lots of warm clothing, rain gear and perhaps a make-shift tarp in case it rains. String, knife. Some kind of seat or stool if its rainy.

I promise, You can sit all day in RCP and never see another soul. I think If you have a sort of greenish tarp that will blend in, no one will see it or mind. I will find out about the rules by then.

Usually the person conducting the vision quest is not fasting. I may fast completely and not eat at all those four days (what you do at home is up to each person), so I may be a little in the other world and not that great at helping you get ready. I will do my best.

There is no  charge for this but some kind of gift or offering is traditional. Also, you offer some tobacco to the conductor of the ceremony(me) and the fire keeper is there is one.  After the ceremony on Sunday we will have a feast and a give away. We will give gifts to each other and share our favorite foods!

Bring tobacco for me and also for offering to your fasting area. Also bring sage for burning if you want to pray over a specific intention.

We also need some cloths for prayer ties.

write me at evespotofgold at     gmail


Connecting with the land where I live has been one of the most wonderful, healing and life enhancing experiences of my life. It is my most recent passion to help others connect with the land where they live.

Rose Quartzite Quarry  is very conductive energetically and has been a central material in scared sites worldwide. Pulpit Rock and many other areas are places of ancient ceremony & spending a little time here in RCP is always magical for me.

Rock Creel Park can be a private and secluded place where you can be alone in nature. I spend countless hours there communing with the place, deer hawks, chipmunks, fox and other birds! It has caused me to fall in love with this area. Its a deep connection and a direct healing from the land. I was quite ill and that started me coming out here. I did get well and the healing that this forest and stones have given me is very measurable.

This ceremony involves prayer, invocation of the directions, nature spirits and such.  Its a day with no phone, alone, no talking, no distractions. Fasting food and water is optional. I have participated in Ojibwe sacred fasting vision quest, but this is not that.  Its  a modern shorter and more simple version of that. Its basically a day of being alone in nature with prayers.

Something deeply transforming happens when we take this time for ourselves to connect with nature, ourselves, the ancestors and the spirits.

Reconnection with the land and nature also is an important way to bring healing to our Earth.  It  creates a passionate love affair  and bond with the land that is mutual. Its contagious.