Earth Energy GridsClearing Energy Grids

Clearing energy the grids. –

     This is the same process weather it it clearing energy from the land, from objects, places or ourselves. The principal behind why we keep repeating history over and over is that thoughts, emotions and actions have emanated from our energy field into the energy grid that surrounds us. This energy makes it’s way into the environment, objects, out food and our lives.
     In order to create an atmosphere where real change is possible, we need to see what is in those energy grids and clear it out. This is a simple process and can be applied to anything.  I can explain and demonstrate a few different ways to do this. Grids can be discerned and cleared through deep meditation, others with smudge, checking in, sound, movement, prayer, visualization, words and intentions.
     This was taught to me by energy and grid clearing master; Bavado, Rainbow Thunder Heart  of I asked permission to share the info and he rightly said, “You don’t need my permission, the more people who know this, the better it is for everyone”.
          ABOUT GRIDS:
Our reality is a holographic grid program created by thought consciousness that repeats in cycles of creation called Sacred Geometry. The cycles makes is appear that time/space is a linear and solid.The grid is a matrix of sound, light and color through which we experience time and emotion. It is an electromagnetic grid. The Earth’s energy grid can be thought of as a web that holds or links the Earth together. The energy grid is effected by many influences – electricity, magnetism, light, color, heat, sound and matter and also stores emotions, thoughts, pain of wars, mining, abuse, sadness. The earth, objects, people it all hold energy in the same way.
Eve Hennessa
White Snake Woman
I am available to teach this privately, online and publically