Eve Hennessa White Snake Woman


Eve Hennessa~White Snake Woman

Aquetzalli (precious  water)

It all started with a dream about a snake. Its been a wild mystical ride ever since.. Waabskaa Genebig Kwe, White Snake Woman, from the Ojibwe  in Canada.

The shaman path is full of teachers, many of whom are not in this 3rd dimensional plane of existence.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies~ Michael Harner
Shaman training with Rose Khalsa

Earth Healing and energy clearing apprentice of Shoshone elder Rainbow Thunder Heart,  Blue  Thunder.

Sweat Lodge training with Rainbow Thunder Heart and Elizabeth

Bible College school of healing, prophesy and miracles Instituto Cristo para las Naciones, Mexico City

Available for Earth Healing , Energy Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Healing;  Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge  and other Ceremonies. I am able to travel into any realm of the spirit and talk with various beings and souls in order to bring back helpful  information. That includes loved ones who have crossed over and speaking with the higher self of those living. Email waabshkaagenebigkwe@gmail.com for inquiries