Available for Earth Healing , Energy Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Healing,  Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest  and other Ceremonies. I am able to travel into any realm of the spirit and talk with various beings and souls in order to bring back helpful  information. That includes loved ones who have crossed over and speaking with the higher self of those living.

I am fluent in Spanish and lived and studied in Mexico for 8 years. I am available as spirit tour guide or top notch Spanish interpreter.


I do remote soul retrievals. A soul retrieval is a spiritual healing for the mind or body. It involves finding the spiritual imprint of any problem. I go to find splintered off pieces of the soul and reintegrate them into the person. This brings a person back to wholeness and helps one  heal emotional and other issues.

Year Round Offerings:

Remote (distance) Soul retrieval

Consulting  with your higher self, the higher self of someone else or a loved one who has crossed over.

Energy Clearing and Healing Work

Soul Retrieval

Multi-dimensional Healing

Medicine Wheel~ I can build medicine wheel or

Home and Land Energy Clearing


For information on public ceremonies see https://www.facebook.com/groups/dcMagic/

Subject to conditions And dates

Vision Quest

Sweat Lodge

Earth Healing

Mexico Tours and workshops

Spanish Interpreter

email waabshkaagenebigkwe@gmail.com