Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

Rock Creek Park , Washington, DC

March 21st Rock Creek Park, DC~ email if you cant access the FB invite. You dont have to have Facebook to see the invite

11 am Rock Creek Park Picnic are 17….follow the path down for a few minutes.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony~ Every Equinox & Solstice, Washington, DC

Facebook Invite for Dec 21

Rock Creek Park~ Winter Sky

Rock Creek Park~ Winter Sky


Dec 21st

This is a medicine wheel ceremony for healing and clearing the land here in Washington, DC of the violence, trauma and negativity that has been recorded in this land. The body of Mother Earth is much like our own and holds memories deep within. This creates a situation of repeating and replaying the trauma and makes it difficult to move forward in peace.
We are going to clear this energy which will allow that natural energy of well being to flow. We are going to add love and positive vibrations and heal her. The 21st is the first of these ceremonies.

It will be a joyful fun event as we love and appreciate the incredible beauty and abundance that we have right here in Washington, DC. This is a sacred and enchanted land we live in.

If you feel inspired to bring a song, dance, poem, ritual, lead a meditation or action, let me know; or just show up with it and we will do it of time and weather permits. How long we stay and what we will do will be dependent on the weather and be fairly spontaneous. You are free to come and go. Children more than welcome! Open to the Public

Its a few minutes walk down the path into the forest. Details to come

No charge for event, gifts always accepted.

No “facilities” on premises.

There will be similar ceremonies held in different parts of the world on the same day. If you want more info or to do this in your region, see


Richael Faithful is a powerful mystic who will lead a ceremony to heal the memories and effects of trauma of slavery and racism the land from land. It will be Ring Shout which is a slave version of a spirit dance with shouting.


See posted map for precise area. You can park at picnic are 17, 18 or 20. Carpooling recommended. Use the comments for hooking up with the cars.

See Map in Comments. Its on Glover Road. If you are going North, its before you get to the Nature Center.


Hey DC relations: On the Winter Solstice and then every equinox & solstice from then on, we will creating a sacred medicine wheel & sound ceremony for the healing, blessing and for our connection to Mother Earth. It will be in the Rock Creek Park forest. Its part of a world wide project. You are cordially invited. Many are talking to the spirits of the wind and the winds moves fast! Beautiful times.

This is in connection with an organization who has been doing this for years in sacred locations across the planet. Washington, DC is a very sacred and powerful land.

I envision this as a very intimate and powerful ceremony. The forest one December 21, 2014 will be in the forest of Rock Creek Park. Its not a rally or anything like that. Not the usual DC thing.

Email to RSVP