Rock Creek Park , Washington, DC

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Medicine Wheel Ceremony


My teacher Shoshone elder Bennie Lebeau, who passed a year ago had great teachings on medicine wheel creation, ceremonies and technology. He had a great knowledge, understanding and ability to see Earth energies.  He would say its not spirituality, but leaning how to work with energy and materials.

In 2015 I traveled with him to many states and many places in Mexico.

The Medicine Wheel Ceremony is a powerful technology that we use for healing the Earth Energies. The creation of the medicine wheel is specific and not just putting rocks in a circle. In this day long workshop we will build a medicine wheel, clear energy, determine placement energies. Everything is done with permission of the land and the stones and in a loving caring way. There will be songs and listening to the land and energies present in order to work together to create a powerful medicine wheel.


Cost $85

Early Bird $75 before July 6th

Space is limited


10 am -5 pm


Bring your own food needs

*comfortable clothes, hat, boots perhaps. We will be moving stones and possibly getting some from the Earth

*Bring at least 10 stones of a few pounds up to 50 pounds that you have gathered in a sacred way. That means you are in a peaceful way, met with the land, gotten a feeling for what stones want to come along and thanked the land and the stone.  Standard Native American practice is to put down tobacco in the place where you stake the stone from in appreciation and payment.