Clearing energy the grids. –      This is the same process weather it it clearing energy from the land, from objects, places or ourselves. T...

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Clearing the Energy Grids

Eve Hennessa Black Wolf

You can buy these images on cards, prints, clothing and a million things at For my Fine Art Website see  http...

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My Art

Rock Creek Park , Washington, DC

March 21st Rock Creek Park, DC~ email if you cant access the FB invite. You dont have to have Facebook to see the invite https...

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Medicine Wheel Ceremony

This is the first post in a blog about Land Healing and Washington, DC ancient scared sites.  I have been at this for about 2 years now and it just g...

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McMillan Dam area land healing

Dreamers Rock House of God

  The Gate of Heaven is the House of God; is the Dreamer’s Rock! I highly recommended sleeping with a stone.  Especially a stone that is f...

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Dreamer’s Rock