Washington DC is  an ancient place with 10,000 year old graves, ancient tools, quarries, activities. This is in the American Indian Museum. Its huge and looks like it weights 8-10 pounds.

I am pretty much in love to almost obsession with the land here. We have sacred sites, earth works and so much magic.

July 11th we are having conference and part of that will be about feeding and honoring the artifacts and sacred objects that we have here. https://www.whitesnakewoman.com/ancestral-instructions/

Ancient Axe Stone, Washington, DC

Ancient Axe Stone, Washington, DC

Washington ,DC is home to many of the most sacred artifacts on Earth as well as very powerful crystals, like the Hope Diamond and other of the most precious and powerful gem stones known to man.


The land in Washington DC has been a sacred place of power for thousands of years. at least. Its where the powerful Potomac River meets the Anacostia River. We have the Great Falls, the sacred Roosevelt Island. In DC at Rock Creek Park the Coastal Plains meet the Piedmont Plateau. There are found ancient rose quartzite mines as well as other mines.

We have sacred stone circles and