Drum Journey Workshop washington, DC white snake woman

Healing~Power Animals~ Drum Journey ~ Medicine Wheel~ Energy Clearing and more. 

July 2017

Hablo Esapnol si necisitas clatification de algunos conceptos ~ pero el curso es en Ingles 🙂

Explore the universal  common methods of the shaman to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing.

The shamanic drum journey, is a  visionary method used to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. You will be initiated into shamanic drum  journey for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness for healing and for awakening spiritual abilities.

Connection with the Earth and Nature is the basis of connecting with other realms. There will be teaching on connecting with Earth and nature spirits. Learning to communicate with plants and stones will be covered.

Instruction on creating a scared space and energy protection.

We will do the  drum journey to retrieve a power animal or new animal totem.  Learn how to connect with the spiritual power and healing. We will do shamanic journey.

Learn easy and effective healing techniques

This is a small group with limited space available.

$85 Workshop

CLICK HERE for $78 Early Bird Discount ~ Before July 6th



WHAT TO BRING. a rattle or drum if you have one, and one or two sacred/special objects or tools if you have them.  Wear comfortable clothing,  layers, hat and bring a bandanna or eye covering. water, lunch, snacks. We will be outside. I find the ground comfortable. You can put a small blanket or put a pillow in re-usable grocery bag and that makes a great camp pillow. Bring fold up chair if you like.

If you need some kind of extra help or considerations,  please let me know.


Bring food for the day.  You will be updated on the cooking situation.

YOU DO NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL SKILLS, TALENTS OR PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE.  These are techniques that anyone can learn.

About Me:


Has been practicing shamanism, healing,  prophesy etc for more than 20 years.

Formal studies include: Foundation for Shamanic Studies~ Michael Harner. 9 month Shaman training . Medicine Wheel Earth Healing and energy clearing apprentice of Shoshone elder Bennie Lebeau. Sweat Lodge and other teachings from other elders. Worked in signs, wonders and miracles ministry for many years. Studied & practiced healing and soul retrieval (or restoration) for many years in Bible college and traveling healing minister.

Available for Earth Healing , Soul Retrieval,  Energy Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Healing;  Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge  and other Ceremonies. I am able to travel into any realm of the spirit and talk with various beings and souls in order to bring back helpful  information. That includes loved ones who have crossed over and speaking with the higher self of those living. Email evespotofgold@  gmail. com for inquiries