Spend a day in this sacred and ancient site

 Vision Quest in Rock Creek Park.

Connect to the place where you live!


Connecting with the land where I live has been one of the most wonderful, healing and life enhancing experiences of my life. It is my most recent passion to help others connect with the land where they live.

Rock Creek Park and Washington, DC is a very sacred and ancient area. Human remains from 10,000 years ago were found here. Rock Creek Park was an ancient Rose Quartzite Quarry. This stone is very conductive energetically and has been a central material in scared sites worldwide.

Rock Creel Park can be a private and secluded place where you can be alone in nature. I spend countless hours here communing with the place, deer hawks, chipmunks, coyote, owls, wood peckers, fox and other birds! It has caused me to fall in love with this area. Its a deep connection and a healing land. I was quite ill and and started  coming out here. I did get well and the healing that this forest and stones have given me is very measurable.

This ceremony involves prayer, invocation of the directions, nature spirits and such.  Its a day with no phone, alone, no talking, no distractions. Fasting food and water is optional. I have participated in Ojibwe sacred fasting vision quest, but this is not that.  Its  a modern  more simple version of that. Its basically a day of being alone in nature with prayers. I sometimes do 4 day in May and October.

Something deeply transforming happens when we take this time for ourselves to connect with nature, ourselves, the ancestors and the spirits.


Email me with interest waabshkaagenebigkwe  AT gmail.com

Connection with the land and nature also is an important way to bring healing to our Earth.  It  creates a love affair  and bond with the land that is mutual.

Sooner or later, you will start hearing the trees!